Tony Archer

About the artist

Tony is a representational artist who uses oils to capture a range of subjects from landscapes to portraits, social realism and reproductions.

Tony archer artist

Oils allow Tony to create accurate colours and tones in all of his compositions, giving him the freedom to explore a variety of different styles and to constantly develop his technique.

This freedom of expression ensures that each individual painting speaks for itself, rather than being constrained by a signature style.

Largely self-taught, Tony was initially inspired to work with oils after receiving tuition by an established London oil painter whose technique followed the style of the Old Masters.

For the last 20 years Tony has honed and developed his oil painting skills, creating works of art he is now proud to exhibit and sell.

Tony is inspired by many great artists of past and present including Russian realist painter, Ilya Repin, Victorian painter John Atkinson Grimshaw, surrealist painter Salvador Dali and contemporary artists including Peter Howson and Andrew Wyeth.

A life-long love for the outdoors constantly inspires his palette to recreate arresting and eye-catching natural scenes, from ocean vistas to rolling countryside. He also loves to encapsulate scenes from film, photographic images, illustrations and the beauty and drama of human form and interaction.

Tony lives in East Hertfordshire with his wife, daughter and two cats.